Real Cost Of Protection
Several Major Data Breaches Could Have Been Prevented with $0!

Target lost 100s of millions, and credit card issuers lost millions as well. It could have been prevented with one cable not being connected (even though they had many many mistakes).
Real Cost Of A Data Breach
It cost Small Businesses an average of $385,000 in 2018 to recover, excluding regulatory fines which could be in the millions.

Others needed to completely shut down.
Who IS A Target?
Everybody! 75% of Data Breaches in 2017 were from Small Businesses. Cyber criminals are attacking the whole internet randomly, whoever has known unpatched vulnerable software or vulnerable configurations and default passwords.
How To Stop It?
Simple configurations, business process, and following best practices will get you ahead of most businesses.
IT vs Cyber Security
I.T. typically keeps your technologies running, while Cyber Security is a business process to keep your business alive and customer data safe no matter what.

Every breached company had IT staff/provider, a Firewall, and a helpless Antivirus in place just like you. Cyber Security personnel enables IT to have time to support your users while the risks are taken off their shoulders.

We Offer a Full Range of Free Cyber Security Advice and Tools!

Enhance your Cyber Security maturity, smoothen your IT operations, and protect your customer & employee data

The Ultimate Goals of CyberCrimeExperts.org are:

  • Make Small Businesses More Secure Than Enterprises
  • Help All Businesses Improve Their Cyber Security Posture
  • Stop Businesses From Paying a Ransome
  • Drive Cyber Criminals (Unethical Hackers) Out Of Business

How To Achieve That?

  • Giving SMBs Access To Enterprise-level Tools At-Cost
  • Build Free Tools To Improve Business Security
  • Build Industry-Specific Best Practices From The Public's Feedback (Your Help Is Required Here!)
  • Share Best Practices From Nonprofit & Government Research
  • Share Examples of Breaches and What Lessons To Learn From Them
  • Give Free Advice To Businesses

Watch A Friendly FBI Message

The local FBI office is here to help you as a victim. You need to be prepared with an incident response plan for your employees to understand what to do in terms of a cyber attack. You don't want to be the one the FBI knocks on their doors informing them that they were hacked, and their machines are being used to attack others around the world.
of Breaches Were Small Businesses
Avg. Cost of Recovery for a Small Business
of SMBs Were Hacked in 2018 Alone
of Breaches Could Been Prevented Today